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Static runtime libraries and VS2010 versions

Dec 4, 2013 at 10:47 AM
Hi Sergey,

Thanks for bringing Boost and NuGet together.
I've done pretty much the same in my company's internal repository, but would like to migrate to your public packages.
There are several issues that hold me from doing so:
  1. There are no VS2010 (vc100) libraries (Issue 4).
  2. There are no libraries compiled with static runtime (libboost_*-mt-s-1_55.lib and libboost_*-mt-sgd-1_55.lib) (Issue 5).
Also a question/suggestion: wouldn't it be better to split DLL and static versions into 2 separate packages to reduce their sizes? They could be quite heavy as soon as you include static runtime counterparts. Like boost_regex-vc110. for a DLL version and libboost_regex-vc110. for a static one.